Look To The Children

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Look, please, look to the children
The children they know
In their eyes are the answers we seek
And their hearts feel the way to go

Look, please look to the children
They know more than we
How it feels in this world to be free
Free to love and be loved by all

See, please, see how the children
They wake with a smile
For to them life's so precious a thing
Ev'ry day is their first day of Spring

Look, please, look to the children
they know more than we
For all kids are from one family
Any playground is home to them

You (me) let's be like the children
Together let's play
Sharing all that this world has to give
Life's a groove we all once loved

Love, give, live like the children

Words and Music by Chuck Mangione
Copyright 1971 Gates Music, Inc.