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Posted by Chris Peek - Aug 21 2015 : 11:54:04 PM Go To Top Of Page
I've been a fan since the late 70s. I saw you perform every time you came to Austin, TX once a year in the early 80s. At first, you performed in the Superdrum, then at UT Performing Arts Center. After school my step dad would drive me and a friend the 50 miles to Austin to see you. And one year, my assistant band director drove us there. The last time I saw a performance was in 2000 at Lamar University.
It's been fun to play some of your music on my alto sax. I have most of your albums, and was thrilled to get the 'Friends and Love' DVD recently.
Posted by deacon blues - Apr 26 2014 : 2:03:18 PM Go To Top Of Page
I bought Mangione's second double album @ 1973. Saw him live in Idaho @ 1978. I loved his music ever since. I also admire the long list of sax greats (Niewood, Vadala, etc.) that have played with him.
Posted by Alex Burns - Apr 14 2013 : 08:41:28 AM Go To Top Of Page
This week I shall be playing my A-Level music recitle which is based on the music of Chuck Mangione. He is an absolute inspiration to me and I cannot wait to play his music for my examination.
Posted by Bill Summerfield - Feb 06 2013 : 12:52:57 AM Go To Top Of Page
Received my autographed "Feels So Good" poster in the mail yesterday. It will be proudly displayed in my home. Thank you for providing the inspiration to play the flugel. Time to get back out to the hangar and blow some more....just a few yards from where I met you in Muncie,IN several years ago. You're the best!!
Posted by richard thompson - Apr 22 2012 : 11:36:31 PM Go To Top Of Page
remember me from the holiday inn in jamestown new york, prior to that the clubs in Rochester New York I went to the marines and you went on to make awesome music, think of you often your friend rich 1960, 1980.
Posted by hhzoum - Apr 03 2012 : 06:43:36 AM Go To Top Of Page
I Love Chuck's Music So Much, So Glad To join The Fansite,
And Hope To See You Playing Your Music In Egypt.
Posted by Marcy - Sep 08 2011 : 1:11:20 PM  Visit Marcy's Homepage Go To Top Of Page
There is no way to explain what Chuck's music has meant to me, nor to tell you of how many times I have turned to it for a way to share or express my innermost feelings. It's simply impossible to give words to the gratitude within me for having been able to experience his music. Every important turn in my life has had expression through him.
I can only ask that you continue to be there for all of us.
Posted by Nenad Napijalo - Apr 15 2011 : 6:15:31 PM  Visit Nenad Napijalo's Homepage Go To Top Of Page
I have been listening Chuck`s music since 1978, when I was 18 years old. I played Children of Sanchez about 10000 times until now.
Posted by Victor Stuy - Sep 11 2010 : 12:58:45 PM Go To Top Of Page
ola sr. chuck soy un joven de tuxpan ver. mexico y me encanta mucho su musica, aunque solo tenga 14 aƱos aprecio y me gusta mucho su misica, su musica me tranquiliza y me hace sentirme bien, bueno un saludo hasta luego
Posted by Linda Staton - May 14 2010 : 09:46:13 AM Go To Top Of Page
My husband and I were married in 1980 and used music from one of your tapes as we said our vows...I can`t find the tape or remember the song but it was written,I believe for Chuck`s mother.We also were able to see Chuck in person in Raleigh,NC in the 80s...and talked to him after the show was over.Still love your music,and introduced it to friends last night.
Posted by papamort35 - Jul 23 2009 : 10:00:57 AM Go To Top Of Page
Posted by Donna Zulauf - Apr 16 2009 : 07:14:08 AM Go To Top Of Page
So miss your awesome playing!! Was a young girl in the 70's but grew up in Western NY and you were a STAR there!!! Rumor has it your brother taught band at Clyde-Savannah High School where I graduated in 1982. Sorry I do not remember his name. I am a music lover not player. God Bless you in all you do.
Donna Zulauf
Posted by Tony Gonzalez jr. - Mar 09 2009 : 6:00:22 PM Go To Top Of Page

You are amazing Baby!!!!! "Feel's So Good" listening to your tunes everytime!
Posted by Roberta - Mar 06 2009 : 9:02:33 PM Go To Top Of Page
My sister and I will be seeing Chuck once again on March 17th in Markham, Ontario.
We have loved and followed him and his music since 1973, and find it particularly bittersweet to be seeing him so close to the plane crash.
Nevertheless, we will be there, and cheer him on, and probably cry with him and hundreds of his fans.
His music been a guiding force for both of us & we hope that our love and support at this most sad time will help heal his pain.
Can't wait to see him!!
Roberta - Toronto
Posted by Milton Muniz - Feb 15 2009 : 4:55:28 PM Go To Top Of Page
Thanks for sharing your music and your heart with us.Stay strong ,Chuck. God Bless!!!
Posted by Jenny Gilmore - Nov 27 2008 : 3:23:22 PM Go To Top Of Page
I have loved your music since I was in junior high, and I'm now 45! I have many wonderful memories associated with you and your wonderful music. Thank-you for being the mellow (yet also intense) soundtrack of my life.
Posted by Bjorn Nilsen - Oct 17 2008 : 6:18:24 PM Go To Top Of Page
JULY 16, 1978 - An evening of magic at the Hollywood Bowl and I WAS THERE for it! 30 years later I still remember the magic of Mangione and a crew of 70.

Great site -- I especially like the addition of all the album notes!

What incredible, enjoyable, enduring music -- it truly is Mangione's magic!
Posted by tonydisabled - Sep 09 2008 : 3:04:01 PM Go To Top Of Page
Hi...i have been a fan of Chuck Mangione since (& some of you may find it
odd that I know the exact date) July 31, 1975 & I met Chuck on June 18,1976 & we have been friends ever since. I do have CP like Freddie. My type of CP is more physical than Freddie's. Until Chuck retired in '89/'90 I saw him play @ least once a year sometimes more. Since he has come back it has been only once. I noted on his '09 tour that he plays Ontario Canada 3x So if ur in Ontario & will make phone calls for me to each venue about wheel-chair access I'll be thankful. If you want to help me, pm me.
Posted by BOB KNACK - Jul 25 2008 : 10:30:57 AM  Visit BOB KNACK's Homepage Go To Top Of Page
I just returned from Festa Italiana in Milwaukee Wisconsin, one of several such events in the midwest. This sounds to me like a perfect venue for Mangione to appear. They sure could use him. He alone would make my drive up from Chicago worthwhile. Booking agent please take note!
Posted by Kevin L. Goins - Jul 12 2008 : 12:41:39 PM Go To Top Of Page
As a native of Rochester NY (born & raised), it's been an honor to have such tremendous talent as Chuck & Gap come from the Flower City. Growing up hearing their music (and playing it on the tenor sax while attending Monroe High School - class of 1984) brought me great joy. BTW - I worked in the music/recording industry in NYC for several years and I strongly suggest that the folks here on this site forward the petition to reissue his works to the record companies that own the masters. These folks call the shots. The labels are Universal Music Group (owners of Mercury and A&M Records) and Sony/BMG Music (Columbia Records). If these labels decide to re-release his music, I would be more than happy to help them compile the masters and write the liner notes (which is what I do for a living).
Posted by kathleen Riccio - Jun 11 2008 : 10:44:01 AM Go To Top Of Page
I've been a fan since 1973 following concerts up and down the Northeast coast. I will be seeing Chuck in Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Blue Note Jazz Cafe in New York city and Ridgefield Playhouse in Ridgefield, Conn, all planned for this summer. There are no words for Chuck's music he just takes you there.
Posted by Herbie in So. California - Apr 28 2008 : 03:01:12 AM Go To Top Of Page
The first time I heard [of] Chuck was when "Doin' Everything with You" was in heavy rotation at an L.A. radio station. Its/his appeal was immediate - I went out and bought "Feels So Good" and everything else I could find of his (some great pre-Feels So Good albums out there!!!). I'm a former string bassist and cellist, and play keyboards and trumpet/flugelhorn. Chuck writes such beautiful string and brass arrangements, I love hearing the Rhodes elec. piano in his compositions, and Chuck's flugelhorn sound compelled me to go out and buy myself a Yamaha professional flugelhorn. In fact, everything I pick up my flugel, I like warming up on "Doin' Everything With You." Keep up the great work, Chuck. You will always have a fan in me. Herbie, So. Calif., USA.
Posted by Scott Cole - Apr 22 2008 : 10:13:21 AM  Visit Scott Cole's Homepage Go To Top Of Page
I met Chuck Mangione several years ago at The Cozy in Indianapolis. My band was playing a gig there and Mr. Mangione was in town for White River Festivities as well as a Colts game earlier in the day. He had performed at both events. (As well as on the Jerry Lewis telethon the next day. This was the same year he appeared on King of the Hill later that summer.)

He asked to sit-in with the band and we graciously accepted. While waiting to start, Mr. Mangione looked at me and I said, "What would you like to play?" and he replied, "Do you know my song?" To which I replied, "do you mean the one by Elton John?"

He just looked disgusted and turned away. Little did I know at the time that he meant his song "Feels So Good."

Now that's an un-smooth moment. :)
Posted by Todd - Apr 21 2008 : 03:08:42 AM Go To Top Of Page
Mangione fan from way back, God I love the stuff. Nothing like it. Can't say enough about it. It's beyond words. It should be it's own brand new music genre. No one compares. Chuck is THE MAN ! I smiled BIG ! ThankX Chuck ! Thanks for sharing your gift with all of us !
Posted by rick - Apr 19 2008 : 3:23:06 PM Go To Top Of Page
Im 43 now, loved the power of Chuck's music since I first heard him play FSG on I believe the Donahue show (I think) when I was home sick from school. I've been lucky enough to have seen him a few times, and meet him. I am very proud that my daughter loves his stuff too, if fact, she has all my cd's in her room.She loved seeing him too. I had a pbs soundstage from the 80's which I wore out on vhs. It broke and I would love a copy of that again. My prize posession, is a Live at HB album signed by Chuck, Charles, Grant and James,Chris was not there. Thanks Chuck for staying out there and giving this great music to us!
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