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Liner Notes

Chuck Mangione - Flugelhorn, electric piano
Gerry Niewood - Saxophones and Flutes
Al Johnson - Electric Bass
Joe LaBarbera - Drums

Backed by the Williamsville High School Choir and Orchestra

  • Sunshower

  • Feel Of A Vision

  • Lullaby For Nancy Carol

  • Look To The Children

  • Hill Where The Lord Hides

Recorded January 27, 1973 in the 
Williamsville High School South Auditorium

Sponsored by the Williamsville Music Boosters

Mark Records MC5743

Liner Notes

Dear Frank,

I'm still pinching myself to make sure this past weekend's experience wasn't a beautiful dream.

Please extend to all the vocal and instrumental teachers who work everyday with the students my compliments for an outstanding job.

Of course, again let me say that you've accomplished something through your efforts that is most unique.

But most of all, please convey to each and every member of that beautiful chorus and orchestra that they've recharged my battery more than any musical experience has in sometime.  I consider each of them - even though I'll probably never remember all the names and faces - personal friends and hope that I can give back to them some of what they gave me.  On behalf of Joe, Slim, Jeff and Gerry, our thanks.

I Love You All!!

Chuck Mangione