Once I Loved

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Once I Loved

Once I Loved

Liner Notes

Esther Satterfield

Esther Satterfield - Vocals
Don Potter - Guitar
Gap Mangione - Electric and Acoustic Piano
Gerry Niewood - Saxophones, Flutes, Misc. Percussion
Joe La Barbera - Drums
Al Johnson - Bass
Ed Williams - Bass
Ron Davis - Conga
Chuck Mangione - Arrangements and Flugelhorn

  • Lift Every Voice And Sing 

  • Love Is Stronger Far Than We * 

  • Jikele Maweni (The Retreat Song) 

  • Look To The Children 

  • Summertime 

  • Love Music 

  • Just Leave Me Alone 

  • Once I Loved * 

  • You Are The Sunshine Of My Life 

  • The Summer Knows 

  • For Once In My Life 

* Chuck Mangione only appears on these tracks

Sagoma Records SP-3408

Liner Notes

The first time I heard her voice coming from a practice room I just had to go and find out who it belonged to.  It was my introduction to Esther Satterfield.

Since then, I've listened and watched with pleasure as this lady has captured the affection of audiences wherever she appears.

And now her first album - a recording where Esther shares with us the many musical and emotional directions she handles so well.

Arrangers are often called upon musically do dress up a vocal by adding all kinds of instruments and sounds.  There are few voices so pure, so distinct, that one dares to let them stand alone - naked.  Esther's is the exception.

Listen now to Esther Satterfield - one of the finest - and most unique singers happening today.

Chuck Mangione