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Everything For Love

Everything For Love

Liner Notes

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Chuck Mangione - Flugelhorn and Muted Trumpet
Gerry Niewood - Soprano and Tenor Saxophones
Grant Geissman - Acoustic and Electric Guitar
Charles Meeks - Electric Bass (Vocal on Freddie's Walkin')
Corey Allen - Keyboards (all solos)
Darryl Pellegrini - Drums
Tim Regusis - Keyboards
Emidin Rivera - Percussion
Paulette McWilliams and Cindy Mizelle - Background Vocals on Freddie's Walkin'

  • Peggy Hill

  • Slo Ro

  • Amazing Grace

  • Seoul Sister

  • Viola

  • Fox Hunt

  • Annalise

  • I Do Everything For Love

  • Papa Mangione

  • Freddie's Walkin'

Chesky Records JD199

Liner Notes

Having been blessed with lots of love in my life, it should come as no surprise that this CD is filled with compositions of mine that are love songs.

Peggy Hill: Written for a Valentine's Day episode of Fox TV's hit show King Of The Hill.

Slo Ro: My wife, my life, my main squeeze.

Amazing Grace: Amen!

Seoul Sister: Love those sensuous Korean eyes.

Viola: (pronounced Viola) My elegant 80-something year old neighbor who was, in the finest sense of the word, a lady.

Fox Hunt: It's the chase I love.

Annalise: (pronounced Ahn-ah-les) My precious granddaughter.

I Do Everything For Love: True feelings, guilty as charged.

Papa Mangione: My father, my hero, a national treasure.

Freddie's Walkin': A song of celebration written for my godson born with cerebral palsy.

Speaking of love, a few words about three musicians whose friendships I have cherished, whose artistry has flattered my music for decades, and who truly captured the feeling I dreamed of for this music.

To me, Gerry Niewood's playing is the perfect example of what the soprano saxophone should sound like. His soprano and tenor solos on this album are sweet, sensitive and sassy. His flute sparkles on Amazing Grace. Not bad for a homeboy from Rochester, New York who I've known since elementary school.

In the dictionary, next to the word guitarist it should read: Guitarist 1.see Grant Geissman (with photo). When it comes to the guitar no one else comes close to covering it all like "General G". He has a wonderful, personally identifiable sound on his instrument and complete command of all styles. His solos are always passionate, original, unique and classic, like fine works of art. Grant Geissman is the real deal. 

Besides being the salt of the earth, Charles Meeks genuinely understands and loves the role we both believe the bass was meant to play. Charles always lays it down. The "Meat Man" is, as Art Blakely used to say, "the foundation of our rhythm section." And Charles can sing too!

This album is dedicated to two dear friends who do Everything For Love, Jack and Dell Stevens.

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