Chase The Clouds Away

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Chase The Clouds Away

Liner Notes

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Chuck Mangione - Flugelhorn
Gerry Niewood - Saxophones and Flutes
Joe LaBarbera - Drums
Chip Jackson - Electric Bass
Esther Satterfield - Vocal

  • Song Of The New Moon

  • Can't We Do This All Night

  • He Was A Friend Of Mine

  • Echano

  • Chase The Clouds Away

  • Soft

A&M Records CD 3115 

All music composed and arranged by Chuck Mangione

Since music is the love of my life, it's really essential that I have a quartet that is completely sympathetic to all the different ways I like to be and feel with music.  This is why it's such a treat for me to have my music played by Joe, Chip and Gerry.

It's the wildest feeling when I hear these very heavy musicians interpreting the music exactly the way it sounded in my head the first time my imagination conceived it.  This is what Gerry, Chip and Joe give to me - the realization of my musical dreams.  Every day I look forward to performing with them.

Joe LaBarbera is the most sensitive drummer I've ever performed with.  I don't know many others who have the flexibility to cover both the quartet and orchestra music as well as he does.  He is capable of handling any musical direction I might choose.  Moe has given my music a flow it's never know before.

Chip Jackson had made the quartet sound much bigger than four, because his imaginative playing brings a chordal as well linear approach to his position.  He's the most melodic bassist I've ever worked with.  It's a pleasure for me to have a musical conversation with Chip when I'm playing flugelhorn.

Given the choice of all the instrumentalists in the world, I can think of no one I'd rather have than Gerry Niewood to bring my melodies to life.  He's such a complete musician.  With all those wonderful sounds he can make, Gerry gives me, as a composer, a lot of different ways to dream.  As a front line partner he has superb taste knowing when to lead as well as when to lay back.  His playing has a great swing to it.  Gerry's musicianship is impeccable and his improvisations are spectacular.

In this album I have asked the orchestra to give the quartet a big hug by wrapping the orchestrations around us.  Whether it's an orchestra track, a quartet track or a cut with Esther, the quartet's significance is always obvious.

I'm very proud of and totally in love with my quartet.  If this album communicates to you any part of what I feel when playing this music with Joe, Chip and Gerry, you're gonna feel real good.

- Chuck Mangione

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